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Kyle Tyrrell

About Kyle:

Creating and leading High Performance Teams has been an addiction when, at 9 years of age, Kyle was appointed Captain of his football team. Enchanted with the challenge of inspiring human beings to “achieve the mission”, leadership evolved into a lifelong odyssey.

At the age of 15 Kyle was awarded the Australian Defence Force Scholarship to become an Army Officer ushering in a 24 year career as a combat commander.

From bombs and bullets on the front line in Iraq, to the war rooms in Army Headquarters and finally to the Board Rooms of Australia, Kyle has been acknowledged as an inspiring and talented leader and strategist.

He holds an MBA, is a Graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course, is a certified coach, and is a Graduate of the Australian Command and Staff College. In the 2007 Queens Honours he was the recipient of the Commendation for Distinguished Service for outstanding command and leadership in war. He left the Army at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Kyle holds several Board positions and has established a reputation as an outstanding “leader of leaders” consulting widely across industry. He also coaches individuals and teams and is a highly sought after speaker.

Poor leadership, across all sectors, industries, organisations and human endeavours is creating untold human, financial, social and spiritual carnage...The cost is HUGE!

You have a problem. We have a SOLUTION .

Poor leadership, across all sectors, industries, organisations and human endeavours is creating untold human, financial, social and spiritual carnage. In excess of 30% of staff turnover experienced by organisations is the direct result of poor leadership. It is also responsible for a 10% productivity drag. The human cost is just as grim.
We already know that success in any field is dependent on great leadership, what I call HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP.

The problem is:
High Performance Leadership is rare!

Why is High Performance Leadership rare? This is why:

The Wrong Skillsets

We have a tendency to promote people into leadership positions based on their technical skill… not their ability as a leader.


There are very few avenues to learn the science and the art of High Performance Leadership (and those that exist are not easily accessible).

Lack of Support

It is virtually impossible to develop as a High Performance Leader unless you have access to mentorship and guidance from someone who is already operating at that level.

A note from Kyle Tyrrell - Principal Consultant

I was extraordinarily privileged to join the Australian Army when I was 17 years old which propelled me into a career of leadership for nearly two and a half decades. The years of theory and practical leadership education was simply world class, and the leaders who surrounded me (for the most part) were exceptional mentors.

Add to this the fact that I had the honour to develop and exercise my own leadership for decades, in uncertain, complex, demanding and often hostile environments with small and large groups of men and women. What an extraordinary privilege.

It really wasn’t until I left the Army, more than a decade ago, that I slowly realised just how privileged I was. I was confronted with what one could only describe as a leadership void in the commercial sector.

Confronted with the prospect of leading without the privilege of a formal leadership education, without the tools and without support… civilian leaders in have it tough!

And that is why I created this business! To bring together all of my training, education and experience (both military and civilian C-suite / Board) to develop and support todays leaders with the wisdom, tools, skills and networks that allow them to truly be High Performance Leaders.

My mission is to rebuild trust and integrity in leadership, to empower leaders to be impactful and intentional and to create thriving cultures! I train, mentor and coach leaders from all over the world.

I welcome you here and I look forward to assisting you to lead with confidence, impact, intentionality and joy.

Be Relentless!

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